Box Breaks

What are Box Breaks?

Box Breaks at Nick's are quickly becoming a weekend highlight. When Nick's hosts a box break, we will open a variety of boxes of cards from a given professional sport (typically around $2,000 worth of product).

A customer looking to participate in a Box Break will need to reserve and purchase a team or teams. When you do that, you are guaranteed to walk away with all cards of any players from the team you reserve. This includes autograph and memorabilia cards.

Box Breaks are a great way for customers to hopefully get their favorite players or teams without the higher cost of opening tons of expensive product.

You Give Away a Bunch of

Free Stuff as Prizes?!?

Yes! As an added benefit of attending a Box Break in our store, we routinely give away thousands of dollars of sports cards and memorabilia as prizes, including complete card sets, rookie cards, autographed jerseys, and more!

What if I Can't Attend the Box Break?

Nick's will keep the cards in plastic bags. You can pick up at your convenience. If you are a non-local customer, shipping charges may apply.