Ticket Drawings

For every $10 you spend in store, you receive a white ticket. Every Friday around noon, we draw 6 white tickets. If your ticket matches one of the 6, you have a chance to win a $25 (3 available per week) or $50 gift certificate (3 available per week). From the drawing on Fridays, you have one week to come check your ticket(s) in store.

In addition to white tickets, for every $100 you spend in store, you receive a red ticket. Twice a year (usually January and July) we draw only 1 red ticket. The red ticket winner has his or her choice of any jersey along the back wall of the store. The current selection, subject to change, includes Larry Bird, Jason Witten, Joe Montana, Adrian Peterson, Nolan Ryan, and others.

​Pay-it-forward/Good-deed Grab Bags

A special grab bag of cards given to parent's of a young customer in store. The young customer must agree to do a good deed for someone else, and, upon completion, the grab bag will be a reward.

​Good-grades Grab Bags

​For students who excel in the classroom. Bring in your report card and receive a special grab bag.

​Nick's T-shirt Grab Bags

​Nick's t-shirts are available for purchase in store for $9.95. If you come in to the store wearing your shirt, you'll receive a free grab bag.

Congratulations to the July 2018 red ticket drawing winner, Paul F. Paul selected the Dan Marino autographed jersey, an excellent choice!