Purchasing Cards & Collections

Sports cards. We look mainly to purchase old vintage baseball cards of current Hall-of-Famers from the 1960s and earlier. These cards have retained their value the best over the years. The same can't be said of cards that were produced in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. Because card manufacturers massively overproduced sports cards from these decades, the market is over-saturated and, consequently, we are not interested in purchasing them.

However, we will look at '70s and '80s cards if in good condition. Please understand that we do not and cannot buy all cards.

Memorabilia. We usually are interested in memorabilia that comes with a certificate of authenticity from an industry-recognized authenticator, such as Beckett or JSA. We may condition the purchase of memorabilia on receiving a COA if you currently don't have one.